Dixie Inland Yacht Racing Association



DIYRA Portsmouth Championships

In addition to the US Sailing Ladder Events, DIYRA conducts Portsmouth Championships for centerboard classes and combined keelboat and offshore classes.  These championship are usually held in conjunction with a two-day regatta at a DIYRA member club.

The perpetual trophies were donated by Carl D. Reigart.

Previous champions are:

Year Host Club Keelboat Centerboard
2001 BYC   Will Lenkeit
2002   Winn Story Frank Vandall
2003 BSC John Acton (BSC) Dave Chadwick (BCSA)
2004 LLSC Robin Moore (LLSC) Scott Cline (PYC)
2005   Frank Morgan Scott Cline (PYC)
2006   Roy Hutcheson Scott Cline (PYC)
2007 MSSC Hayden Glenn (MSSC) Scott Cline (PYC)
2008 BSC Jack Rogers (BSC) Rick Scarborough (BSC
2009 CYC Randy Schonagen (CYC) Kurt Finnie (CYC)


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